4 Simple Recruiting Tips

If you lead a children’s ministry you can never stop recruiting.  Even if by some miracle every position is filled, you need to start a waiting list and keep recruiting.  You will always have volunteer turnover, that’s job security for someone who knows how to recruit and build a team.

Below are 4 simple tips to help you continually recruit for your ministry.

Set Recruiting Goals

If you don’t have a goal, how will you know if you have reached it?  Set goals for how many volunteers you would like to have, or even better, how many you need to add.  Keep track on how you are doing with your goals.  Make adjustments based on your success with your goals.  Set:

  • Daily goals.
  • Weekly goals.
  • Monthly goals.
  • Yearly goals.

Make Recruiting a Priority

Recruit With Excellence

  • Recruit quality people and go after the best.
  • Create a volunteer culture where it is an honor to serve in the children’s ministry.
  • Create a recruiting process and work the process.  See my post titled, 9 Steps to Adding Volunteers, to see my process.

Lead Other Events to Build Relationships

I’m always looking for opportunities to broaden my influence.  Volunteer to lead events and activities that are not directly related to your department.

  • Substitute for small group leaders.
  • Lead book studies and affinity groups.
  • Lead baptisms.
  • Make hospital visits and home visits.
  • Teach Parenting Classes.

I am always looking for more people to target as potential volunteers.  When I need more men, I lead a men’s book study.  When I need more teens I volunteer to preach in the youth service.  Any opportunity I have to build more influence I take it.  If you follow these four simple tips you will never have a shortage of volunteers.

What Do You Think?

What things do you do to recruit and add to your team?  Which of the suggestions listed above could help you the most?

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Andrew is the Executive Pastor at Community Church in Eastern PA.

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