4 Things All Volunteers Need to Succeed

Do you want to reach your dream for your ministry? It can’t happen without a great team of volunteers.

Todd Duncan says,

If you have a dream and don’t have a team, your dream will die.  But with a team, your dream will fly.

If you want the volunteers on your team to succeed, you must give them the following four things.

  1. A purpose that excites them 

Make sure you give your volunteers something exciting to work toward and strive for.   Something that is motivating and compelling. The purpose to serve on your team should be as valuable to them as their help is to you.

  1. Opportunity to make a difference 

Organize the work so that everyone feels like they are making a difference. As I explain here, you must overcome the temptation to give away the brainless mindless work that you don’t enjoy.

The excitement is not in the task; it’s in the results. Allow your volunteers an opportunity to create results.

  1. A coach to empower them

One of your primary roles as a leader is to resource your volunteers. You must define their roles, train them thoroughly and encourage them often.

Do this through job descriptions, regular training, encouraging phone calls, texts and notes.

  1. Accountability to unite them 

Your volunteers need to know the standards and expectations to serve on your team. If you want better volunteers you need clear expectations.

Expectations must be communicated up front and visited often. You can’t hold people accountable for things that have not been communicated.

Remember, people don’t do what you expect; they do what you inspect.

What Do You Think?

What’s the next step for your team? Which of the four things listed should you start with to better help your volunteers succeed?

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