Recruiting to a Vision not a Position

Nobody wants to be another link in a chain; volunteers are looking to be a part of something that is making a difference.

When you are recruiting team members for your ministry it’s your job to recruit volunteers to a vision.

Challenge your volunteers to be apart of something bigger, give them a mission!  Don’t just settle for keeping a room staffed, or a program running. Challenge your volunteers to be apart of something special, something that matters.  Challenge them to partner in changing lives and developing disciples!

How do you recruit to a vision?

  1. Make partnering with you in ministry more than a way for a volunteer to relieve guilt for not doing their part in the church.  Make it more then a way to just keep a ministry running.
  2. Learn to think and speak in a new and exciting way.
    • Instead of saying, “Can you help in Royal Rangers?”  Say, “Will you partner in changing boys lives?”
    • Instead of saying, “Would you organize a couples retreat?”  Say, “Will you help me transform the marriages of the couples in our church?”
    • Instead of saying, “Mom, it’s your turn to help in the nursery.”  Try saying, “Mom, we have an opportunity to plant seeds in the fertile soil of our children’s lives.”
  3. Be straight forward and open about your ministry goals, strategies, and vision.  Know what your ministry goals, strategies, and vision are and communicate them to every potential volunteer.  Make sure that your existing team and those you are trying to onboard understand what your ministry desires to accomplish.
  4. Share the significance of what your ministry is doing with the entire church.  Share your vision with passion!  Make it one of your top priorities to create a children’s ministry consciousness in your church.  You want everyone, whether they have kids or not, to know what your ministry is doing and why they are doing it.

How do you recruit volunteers to your vision?  What would you add to this list? Leave a comment below.

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